Gym Comes Down – LOT 323 Goes UP

WATCH VIDEO: Crews demolish Broad Street gym in Woodbury.

There are a lot of Amazing FAF-in things on the horizon for Lot 323! Can’t you feel the excitement?!!!

While the city is working on taking down the former gym building on Broad Street, we are making big LOT 323 plans. New Broad Street access is going to be a huge advantage for the 2018 pop-up. Additional space is also top of mind as we are developing exciting activities, all new staging,  play area for families, additional comfortable seating & bathrooms. All this adds up to a very cool summer for us all.

ALSO – Stay tuned for announcements regarding the innovative new community space that is slated to be adjacent to LOT 323. It’s just moving from concept to reality and we are thrilled to be a part of this evolution of Downtown Woodbury.

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