aLOT of ART – 16 amazing artists creating LIVE @LOT323

aLOT of Art is a wonderful interactive program where 4 artists per night at 4 events create large-scale art murals LIVE, during LOT 323. The finished product will become a part of our outdoor gallery for the season.

This is not a competition, it is just LOVE FOR ART and the CREATIVE PROCESS. Come and enjoy the experience this concept as well as the incredible talent.

Learn about the artists below~

JUNE 11th

J. Kenneth Leap has a 30 year history in creating public art. He works in the medium of glass as well as paint. Take a picture in front of his mural Music Gives Me Wings at the Lot, view his glass mosaic designs outside of Gather, and watch him create live at Lol 323!

De’von Downes is an experienced muralist who has worked with Philadelphia Mural Arts and has a mural here in Woodbury at the Cultural Collective. In addition to his drawings and paintings, De’von is also an accomplished jewelry designer, creating beautiful works with gem stones.

Olivia Musselman is an up and coming artist and illustrator who attends Tyler School of Art and Architecture. Her work captures the human spirit through figures and portraiture.

Lisa Evanoff is an accomplished graphic designer whose works can been seen adorning commercial businesses throughout the area. She works with non-profits to refine ideas into graphics that represent their values and vision.


Joy Lessposh

Laurie Mitchell: After graduating with a degree in illustration from Moore College of Art, Laurie Mitchell worked as a medical illustrator for several years before launching her own design business.  She also taught k-5 art at an inner city school for 13 years before her recent retirement. These days Laurie is pursuing her interest in watercolor and calligraphy.  Look for prints of her works at our Lot 323 clothesline sale on July 25. 

Shanaya Ferguson

Courtney Wittick says she is an artist who lives through her work and would love for you to join her in her adventure.  She’s experienced in the mediums of paint and colored pencil and has also done window art for commercial businesses.   Enjoy the escapism she depicts and the stories she tells through her pieces when at Lot 323! 


Iris Richardson

J Kenneth Leap

Essence Hampton

Aaron Weber


Loren Dann

Carol Shottenfeld

Richelle Thornton

Jeff Quattrone