aLOT of ART 2023

Mural Artist collage

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND… aLOT of Art is a wonderful interactive program where 16 artists over 5 events create large-scale art murals LIVE, during LOT 323. The finished product will become a part of our outdoor gallery for the season and will be available for sale. This is not a competition, it is just LOVE FOR ART and the CREATIVE PROCESS. Come and enjoy the experience this concept as well as the incredible talent.

Learn about the 2023 artists & schedule below

June 9th

Loren Dann has an interest in literature, social justice and history. Her work has been exhibited extensively in New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. Her freelance work makes appearances on material cultural items from album covers to handbags creating a strong and recognizable presence. Loren’s skill as an art educator has allowed her to work with all ages, genders, and races to explore art as a creative and therapeutic outlet for both emotional and physical well-being. Loren also uses her art to encourage diverse communities where all forms of art and expression are encouraged and valued.  Loren Dann’s works explore intersectionality by exposing difficult questions and unraveling the tangle of answers.

Shanaya Ferguson is a local Philly artist who creates bold, colorful art in a variety of print mediums.. Her current passions are acrylic paint and digital art. She is the owner of The Artist Expo, which she describes as a cozy zen art gallery filled with her art and work of fellow artist friends.  In addition to art, the studio also serves as a yoga studio.

Essence Hampton has loved painting since she was a young girl. Her work on wood panels and canvas juxtaposes unlikely natural elements with portraits, creating effects that could perhaps best be described as dreamscapes.

Adam Nicely “ I don’t like a blank canvas, so I get a smear of dirt or rip the canvas as soon as possible. That chaos, that germ, creates rules for the rest of the piece.”

June 23rd

De’von Downes is an experienced muralist who has worked with Philadelphia Mural Arts and has a mural here in Woodbury at the Cultural Collective. In addition to his drawings and paintings, De’von is also an accomplished jewelry designer, creating beautiful works with gem stones.

Milja Dann is a student artist at Woodbury High School who incorporates music and emotional expressionism throughout her work.

Lori Raggio’s body of work deals with women icons, self-worth and the unattainable combining literary figures and modern-day people.

July 7th

Aaron Weber

Courtney Wittick

Iris Richardson

Bernard Collins

July 14th

Jeff Quattrone

Jennifer Bates

Debbie Bolton

July 21st

Antoine Brown

Lisa Evanoff

Olivia Musselman