The Heart & Soul model is a catalyst for positive change in small cities and towns. By actively seeking the community’s collective wisdom, including those whose voice are often missing, Woodbury will become a stronger, healthier, and more economically vibrant place to live, work, learn, and play. The work will be carried on after the two-year program ends by a $25,000 endowment fund, helping create sustainable opportunities to invest in Woodbury’s communities and people.

For more information contact Jared Hunter: Transform South Jersey Woodbury Program Director & The FAF Coalition Trustee. 856.812.4027


The FAF Coalition is thrilled to announce that Woodbury was named the most recent of six South Jersey communities to receive a $100,000 grant to cultivate and highlight the City’s “heart and soul.” Woodbury was among more than 30 towns across the South Jersey region competing for a place in this inaugural cohort.

Over the next two years the program’s leadership team will lay out a foundation to engage every corner of the City’s neighborhoods and communities, collecting stories and holding public discussions about what matters to them most in the City. Those stories will be transformed into an action plan to address, create stronger relationships between communities, and establish new and sustainable economic development strategies.


GATHER is a unique Event Venue meets Community Center. The building itself is a marvel: sleek & open fabricated architecture provides the structure for an elegant, spacious interior room of 3000 square feet. Floor-to-ceiling windows encase the front facade of this elegant structure, offering open views of the front courtyard and the sculptural back gardens of 5000 square feet, complete with professional landscaping & hardscaping, art installations & a sculptural musical sculptures you can play. GATHER is ideally suited for events of all kinds…Private Parties, Public Programs, Classes, Business Meetings & Fundraisers—outdoor and indoor fun. This is the unique location we have all been looking for. It has the capability of being used for decades and the flexibilities of relocation based on future development.

GATHER is a unique collaboration between The City of Woodbury and The FAF Coalition. It was designed to answer several needs of the community; filling a developmental gap in the main street district, adding much needed event “gathering” space and fulfilling beautification initiatives. Sprinkle in additional support from local businesses and organizations and we have a strategy for great success & future development.

#1 Woodbury is at a deficit for community gathering locations. The Main Street area can benefit greatly by this innovative project by providing an aesthetically beautiful place where people would like to “gather”, creating a aura of safety and a desire to interact with a variety of hosted public & private events.
#2 “Use” is a success marker for community interaction, increased foot traffic for Main Street business owners, and future municipal revenue source.
#3 GATHER’s long-term economic development success is marked by permanent development of the space. The vibrant interactive use of the space will market the parcel while simultaneously benefiting the community. 

To create a community that is thriving because everyone is valued and has the resources they need to be successful. GATHER is committed to creating and maintaining a community gathering space that respects and values diverse life experiences. We engage the perspectives and voices of our community and ensure they are reflected in our culture.”

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lot 323

LOT 323 is a POP-UP Park in the heart of Woodbury, NJ. From forgotten parking lot to a multi-purpose community gathering space. Starting in 2016, LOT 323 is a semi-permanent venue that hosts events all summer long filled with concerts, games, artistic activities, food, beer & wine.

The Space: an urban garden with an industrial motif that is an inviting area to gather, play, remotely work, relax and enjoy light fare and entertainment. This park provides a free venue for the public, as well as a space that can be reserved and used by emerging artists & musicians, other arts and cultural organizations, schools and educational groups. LOT 323 is an open flow-through park monitored in part by the City of Woodbury Police Department. The focal point of the area will include a performance stage, which re-purposes surrounding architectural elements. LOT 323 is a truly inventive Third-Space for the community to gather.

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mural commission

The FAF Coalition is excited to announce its recent commission award for the LOT 323 mural project beginning this fall. South Jersey artist J. Kenneth Leap of Runnemede was chosen by the Coalition’s executive board to design and implement an innovative and awe-inspiring mural project to capture the essence of LOT 323. The mural will be displayed on a uniquely designed structure – constructed by Presenting Sponsor, Thomas Pisarcik of RGB Construction – to serve as a landmark for the renowned pop-up park in downtown Woodbury.

Funding for this project was made possible in part from The New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State, a Partner Agency for the National Endowment of the Arts and the Cultural & Heritage Commission at Rowan College at Gloucester County, AND the OceanFirst Foundation.

Mural Title: “Music gives me wings” -J Kenneth Leap

Side 1 features “LOT 323” in bold high contrast lettering to serve with way-finding. An image of a Mockingbird introduces the theme of music which is elaborated on Side 2. Mockingbirds can mimic many other bird’s songs. In the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” they represent lost innocence. The bright color palette was selected to convey a sense of joy and celebration and hint at the spectacular colors of an evening summer sunset.

Side 2 revels the theme “Music gives me wings”. It invites audience participation in the form of a “selfie wall”. Allow the viewer to participate in the magic of obtaining a pair of wings.
I’m featuring silhouettes so as not to not to depict any specific musician or musical genre. The highly detailed elements at the birds and monarch butterfly – these images allow me to paint in a style that I have a lot of dexterity with. The birds become the larger than life personalities whose effortless command of grace and beauty is celebrated. Nature is the hero of the story and the joy of life and diversity is implied.