GATHER is a unique Event Venue meets Community Center. The building itself is a marvel: sleek & open fabricated architecture provides the structure for an elegant, spacious interior room of 3000 square feet. Floor-to-ceiling windows encase the front facade of this elegant structure, offering open views of the front courtyard and the sculptural back gardens of 5000 square feet, complete with professional landscaping & hardscaping, art installations & a sculptural musical sculptures you can play. GATHER is ideally suited for events of all kinds…Private Parties, Public Programs, Classes, Business Meetings & Fundraisers—outdoor and indoor fun. This is the unique location we have all been looking for. It has the capability of being used for decades and the flexibility of relocation based on future development.


GATHER is a unique collaboration between The City of Woodbury and The FAF Coalition. It was designed to answer several needs of the community; filling a developmental gap in the main street district, adding much needed event “gathering” space and fulfilling beautification initiatives. Sprinkle in additional support from local businesses and organizations and we have a strategy for great success & future development.


#1 Woodbury is at a deficit for community gathering locations. The Main Street area can benefit greatly by this innovative project by providing an aesthetically beautiful place where people would like to “gather”, creating an aura of safety and a desire to interact with a variety of hosted public & private events. #2 “Use” is a success marker for community interaction, increased foot traffic for Main Street business owners, and future municipal revenue source. #3 GATHER’s long-term economic development success is marked by permanent development of the space. The vibrant interactive use of the space will market the parcel while simultaneously benefiting the community.


To create a community that is thriving because everyone is valued and has the resources they need to be successful. GATHER is committed to creating and maintaining a community gathering space that respects and values diverse life experiences. We engage the perspectives and voices of our community and ensure they are reflected in our culture.”


The City of Woodbury
The FAF Coalition
Ledden Palimeno
Losberger DeBoer
Joseph Fazzio Inc.
Main Street Woodbury, Inc.
Main Street New Jersey
NJ Community Capital
Richard Clemons Creative

Rock Products
Subaru of America, Inc
AB Duffy, Inc.
Cast Lighting
County Conservation Company
Dennie M. Freund & Sons EP Henry
Exley’s Garden Center
Greater Woodbury Chamber of Commerce
Johnson Farms

L&L Masonry Supply, Inc.
LMS Agency
Morris Graphics
POPt Consulting
Resonance School of Music South Jersey Cultural Alliance
Tail of Two Creatives
Woodbury Community Pride
Woodbury Old City Restoration Committee
Y-BY Rental Center


This project was launched shortly before the Covid19 pandemic began. The first season was slated for Spring 2020, which naturally was delayed for public safety and guidelines. GATHER was an amazing collaboration of so many partners. It is the hope of The FAF Coalition that the City of Woodbury will be assembling an advisory committee to resume plans. Please check back for updates.