2024 Clothesline Art Sale

LOCAL ART & ARTISAN GOODS hanging on the LOT 323 Clothesline… just waiting for you to take them home!

Join us Friday, June 7th from 6pm to 9:30pm under the “Gather” Structure and support local art!

See below for the artists that will be at our 3rd annual Clothesline Art sale at Lot 323!



Alexis Flack

Nature artist Alexis Flack’s curiosity about the natural world leads her into forests and gardens, onto beaches, and across meadows looking for plants and animals. She creates art that honors nature by printing cross sections of fallen trees, leaves, flowers, and other encountered inspirations. Come to the Clothesline Art Sale at Lot 323 on June 16 and bring home your own slice of the world through her unique eye!!! https://wildgrown.art/



Amanda D’Alessandro

Since 19 I’ve created art that’s inspired by a world in my imagination. It’s called AmandaLand.



Anna Maldonado

All types of paintings from scenery, to characters, to space, and abstract.



Ashley Henry

Art prints of original acrylic paintings, stickers, books and possibly some canvas paintings.



Carole Henell

Art has always been an integral element of Carole’s life. In 2016 she renewed her passion for watercolor and has been painting ever since. She finds inspiration from her garden, nature and her extensive travel. This season she’s found great joy in watching bumblebees and has captured them in the awesome prints and postcards that she’ll share with us at our Clothesline Art Sale. Stock up! Find her at https://linktr.ee/carolehenellart.



Carlos Luna

Carlos Luna is a Graphic Designer and screen printer. During his free time, he relaxes by coming up with new designs and illustrations and getting them ready for print on paper and apparel. You can wear home one of his awesome tees or buy a cool print for your home at the Clothesline Art Sale! https://www.carlos-luna.com/ @sneaky_devil (Instagram) // sneakydevil.co (Online Shop)



Christina Royster

Multi-media (watercolor, collage) Black and women-centric handmade artwork and gifts



Danielle Cartier




Emily Lopes

Emily Lopes is a graphic designer and artist based in New Jersey. She specializes in various media, including digital art, silk screen printing, and acrylic painting. She brings her artworks to life through the use of bright colors and fine details.

Essence Hampton

Macrame, found objects, art, thrift vibes

Iris Richardson

Iris Richardson is a multidisciplinary artist from Hückelhoven, NRW Germany, who currently teaches art at Rowan University.  Known for her macro photography, painting, and sculpture, Iris is drawn to intricate detail and hidden beauty of the natural world. From the delicate petals of a flower to the patterns of a butterfly’s wing, her work invites the viewer to see the world anew. Expand your world with one of her works at the Clothesline Art Sale! https://www2.irisrichardson.com/

John Wandzilak

Scenic, fantasy, abstract pour, and Fan Art

Jules Trace

Acrylic and oil paintings as well as prints and drawings
Instagram: jmt_studios

Juliaanne Long

Florals in acrylics on canvas

Lisa Evanoff

This is Lisa’s third time back at the Clothesline Art Sale, showcasing her paintings, candles, stickers and trinkets. She is an avid crafter and is always finding new mediums to work in! You can find her work on Instagram @artsyabsurdity and on her website here.

Michael Bonitatibus

Michael Bonitatibus creates uniquely beautiful, atmospheric lights from natural materials. You can find his work at Lightsliver.com, but we are lucky to be able to see them in person this Friday in his dark tent at the Clothesline Art Sale. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to bring one home!

Michael Macolino

Michael Macolino creates one of a kind bowls from a wide variety of wood species obtained from felled trees, lumber yards, and even up cycled furniture. He reveals the individual beauty of each piece of wood as it’s turned. Make sure to check him out! www.mikemwoodworking.com

Mindy Curran

Small acrylic on canvas and some prints

Richelle Thornton

Polymer clay flowers and jewelry.

Savanah Duckworth

Jewelry and press on nails and maybe some crochet pieces

Sherilyn Tongas

Crocheted keychains