4th FAF’n Year and Still Rockin’ Woodbury

LOT 323 is a “Pop-up Park” installation, in the heart of Woodbury, NJ. Famous for the TGI-FAF FREE Concerts Series, artful activities, fabulous food trucks, craft beverages and family friendly fun & games. 6 AMAZING CONCERTS this summer- mark your calendars! WHERE: Parking lot @ 115 S Broad Street | Woodbury, NJ

2019 Line-up

FRIDAY, May 31st, 2019 
Summer Opening 
FREE TGI-FAF Concert | Funk-Jazz-Hop-Fusionz 
TCNJ Jazz Ensemble – college-fueled jazz supreme
XPRESIDENTS – bluesy thrash-hop
ZbyZ – indie pop
Trap Rabbit – funky, beat rock
LOT 323 Pride: You Are Welcome Here
FREE TGI-FAF Concert | Woodbury’s Home Grown
Resonance Music School Band – kids crushing our rock favorites
Red Desert Motel – roots-rock
The Hobo-Style – dark, indie folk
Anthony Parisi and the Sidecars – garage, power rock
The Text Pistols – classic & modern rock favorites
FRIDAY, June 28th, 2019
Wellness & Nonprofit Night
FREE TGI-FAF Concert |Under the Covers
D’Isreali Gears – classic & modern rock favorites
Elmer Funk – classic rock & funk favorites
Hempwick – reggae & surf rock favorites
Jem and the Vibe – classic & modern rock || funk favorites
FRIDAY, July 12th, 2019
Furry Friends Night
FREE TGI-FAF Concert | Philly’s Rising Sounds
Hobo Hotsy – retro indie-pop
The Retinas – post-garage || indie rock
The Naked Sun – psychedelic, alt-country || americana
FRIDAY, July 26th, 2019
Auto Extravaganza Night
FREE TGI-FAF Concert | #Lot323SonicShowcase
Delmont – alt blues || soul
The Greg Sover Band – rock & blues
Andorra – modern rock
Rich People – alt rock
FRIDAY, August 9th, 2019 
Grand Finale | Wellness & Nonprofit Night 
FREE TGI-FAF Concert | FAF’n Faves
Full band performances:
John Dutton & Aaron Hehl – singer/songwriter
Honeytiger – indie/garage rock
American Dinosaur – rock -n- roll
The Dead Flowers – rock -n- roll, blues
Dry Reef – indie, surf || reggae jam