Music gives me wings

The FAF Coalition is thrilled to announce the completion of their latest mural commission by artist -J Kenneth Leap. We could not be more thrilled with the addition to LOT 323. It is vibrant, creative, interactive and flat out show stopping. Make sure you take a stroll or a roll by it – on Centre Street in Woodbury. Thank you Kenneth for sharing your amazing talents with the community!

Mural Title: “Music Gives Me Wings” J Kenneth Leap

Side 1 features “LOT 323” in bold high contrast lettering to serve with way-finding. An image of a Mockingbird introduces the theme of music which is elaborated on Side 2. Mockingbirds can mimic many other bird’s songs. In the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” they represent lost innocence. The bright color palette was selected to convey a sense of joy and celebration and hint at the spectacular colors of an evening summer sunset.

Side 2 revels the theme “Music gives me wings”. It invites audience participation in the form of a “selfie wall”. Allow the viewer to participate in the magic of obtaining a pair of wings. I’m featuring silhouettes so as not to not to depict any specific musician or musical genre. The highly detailed elements at the birds and monarch butterfly – these images allow me to paint in a style that I have a lot of dexterity with. The birds become the larger than life personalities whose effortless command of grace and beauty is celebrated. Nature is the hero of the story and the joy of life and diversity is implied.

Cultural & Heritage Commission at Rowan College at Gloucester County, AND the OceanFirst Foundation.